Guitar Lessons - Piedmont -San Francisco - Oakland and the Bay Area

PRIVATE GUITAR LESSONS encompass a variety of approaches to learning. Styles include: Standard, Rock, Classical, Blues, Jazz, Country, and Pop. Taught on acoustic (steel string), Classical (silk and steel), and electric guitar. The one-on-one instruction includes sight-reading, ear-training, solo transcriptions, improvisation, song writing, and theory. All styles and levels,which includes beginners, are covered. The cost is $50 per half hour. One hour lessons ($100) are also available. There is a discount for kids and seniors which includes a guitar to get started on!

Rather than a long explanation of lessons, it would be better to spotlight some of the 50 or so students here. I'm proud of all of my students, and I hope a few profiles will give you an idea of what goes on for everybody.

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