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With a successful career performing with some major artists, and a teaching background that includes coaching individuals and classes both here and abroad, an Honors degree in classical guitar, a California State teaching credential, Rockenbach Music Studio specializes in guitar and electric bass lessons (keyboard for music theory). The one-on-one instruction includes sight-reading, ear-training, solo transcriptions, improvisation, song writing, and theory. All styles and levels are covered. Beginners and veterans alike. These are very patient lessons.

I'm the head coach here, my name is Jock Rockenbach.. I play various guitars and other instruments as well as sing, compose, and record, and . . . you probably get the picture. If you're not sure, just look around and it will become pretty clear.

I teach students at my studio in the Glenview District of Oakland. In addition to the private lessons, we also hold workshops, songwritng development sessions, recording sessions, and summer camps for enrolled students. We have even been known to take "field trips".

I am very proud of the students here, both past and present. A web site serves as a great way to advertise a service, but it's also a wonderful vehicle for applauding the progress of the hard working music students.

So look around, and if you have any questions please call 510 219 5625, or email me.  $50 per half hour (there is also a cash discount).

Yelp reviews (all smashed together. . . lol):

12/1/2015 I've known Jock for over 20 years. I began learning from him at the age of eight, starting with reading music, followed by learning tunes from my favorite bands, then learning the classical guitar. In addition, Jock taught me how to create music, record music and understand music to the point where it became a second nature. Even more, Jock taught me how to hold my ground when playing piano and drums. Be it jazz, blues, rock or classical, his technique is superb and his accomplishments speak for themselves. Besides being a guitar teacher and a musical mentor, Jock is so caring, patient and thoughtful I think of him as a member of the family. I know his other students feel the same. Spending time in his studio is always a blast and I'm always learning while having fun. Jock taught me discipline, guitar technique, how to record music, and how to create music. I'm now a professional performer and I owe a large part of my career and success to Jock. 11/21/2015 Jock has the experience and the ability to make you a better player. A patient coach that nurtures and coaxes the musician that you want to be. It is pretty amazing the progress I have made in a relatively short time. Whether you are a beginner or a journeyman, Jock can make you a better player in whatever genre you want. 11/20/2015 Jock is a professional. I have been a musician since I was a child, playing violin and piano. I wanted to play the bass, so that I could branch out into jazz and rock. As an adult student, it was important to me to find a teacher that would be able to understand where I was musically, teach me the basics of a new instrument and help me learn new genres of music. Jock got me off and running quickly by introducing basic ideas. Just four months in, I feel like I can now pick up a chart and play it. In addition to reading music, we also practice ear training, so that I can learn by solely by listening to bass parts. I was particularly happy that when I was given opportunity to play with others, Jock was able to help me prepare everything from accompaniments to acoustic songs to jazz standards. I highly recommend Jock to any musician aspiring to play the guitar or bass. 11/19/2015 Jock Is an amazing teacher and individual. Having played music as a hobby for 50 years and having several music teachers, Jock is by far the best. With Jock you learn music , which is so much more than learning how to play your instrument. Part teacher, part mentor, part friend , I have seen jock direct the future of 8 year olds to 60 year old kids to greater heights. If you want a teacher to take you to the next level, whatever your current skills, Jock is the teacher for you. Not only do you have weekly lessons , when you are ready , you can participate in workshops. At these workshops, which last two hours, you are partnered with other students of similar ability and you form a band in Jocks studio. In my experience , the several participants became accomplished enough to play in live venues. In my case it was at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. There is nothing like being on stage in front of your family and friend playing music . So before you run off to Guitar Center or some other teacher , it would be worth your while to give Jock a try. Hardy Golston. Bass and Guitar 11/17/2015 Jock is an awesome musician and teacher. I had the privilege of being one of his many students. I had a bass but did not do much with it out of frustration of trying to teach myself, so I decided to take lessons. I searched the internet and found Jock. He took me on and taught me how to read music, keep time and play the bass properly. He set me up with Lorraine and Rich to form our own workshop ensemble called DLR which was added bonus because you learn how to play with others as if you were in a band. I had a lot of fun in those workshops and learnt a lot. Jock is very patient and provides you with all the support and techniques to help you become a better player. I highly recommend Jock whether you are beginner or a seasoned musician, you can always learn something from Jock, and have fun at the same time. 11/16/2015 Jock is an excellent guitar teacher. He was referred to us by a high school music instructor for our 12-year-old shredder and it's been a great experience. Jock has chops, can teach any style, and has a way of integrating reading and theory in a way that keeps our son engaged and motivated. He's got a great studio setup for teaching and he's rock solid on scheduling while still flexible when the week throws curveball. It's been great If I didn't have mittens for hands I'd be taking lessons with Jock myself! Add owner reply Report review 11/16/2015 This is an easy rating: Jock is a great guitar teacher! I've taken lessons from him for many years and have improved significantly because of it. I've also taken advantage of workshops he has offered, which have also been extremely helpful. He is very skilled, knowledgable and patient. He also has a good sense of humor and is easy going. I would recommend Jock for anyone interested in learning how to play or improve one's playing. 11/16/2015 Excellent teacher, I highly recommend him! Works great with kids. He is very encouraging, fun and patient. 11/15/2015 If anyone is eager to learn to play guitar or learn about music, Jock is definitely the person to go to! He is not only an incredible musician with great musical taste, but he is also a very charismatic and friendly person. He has taught me so much about music, while also incorporating other valuable lessons into his teachings. Jock is a good friend to all his students, and he can teach anyone to be a great musician! 11/13/2015 A notorious Axe-slinger, accomplished and travelled musician (of many instruments and roles) and an emerging music producer, Jock is an unbelievably versatile and complete music aficionado. Jock possesses a wealth of music (and life) knowledge that he naturally threads into his tutelage. Jock has crafted his studio into a welcoming, creative space equipped with all the supporting equipment an aspiring musician could need. Lessons are tailored to the artist as Jock stays attune to the artists goals. He's a true rocker by name and trade! ... good luck trying to sneak any musical error past Jock ;) The man has an uncanny ear for music. 11/12/2015 Both of my kids have taken guitar from Jock. He has a great studio and did a wonderful job of incorporating kids into bands. My 16 year old said, "Jock is a really good guitar teacher, he is great at teaching theory as well as the songs you want to learn." Jock is a talented musician, a fabulous teacher and a nice guy. 11/12/2015 Jock is an incredible person and teacher, as is his dog Mojo. I have been taking lessons with him for 7 years and have enjoyed all of it. I would recommend him to any person looking to improve his/her guitar ability and musical knowledge. 11/12/2015 Jock was a great teacher to my son for many years. His studio is as awesome as he is at teaching! 11/12/2015 Jock is hands down one of the best music teachers! If you're looking for someone with a real passion about his work and eagerness to teach he is the man for the job. Highly recommend him! 11/12/2015 Fantastic instruction for musicians of all skill levels. 11/12/2015 Jock is the best! I really appreciate that he wants to teach every step of playing guitar not just learning chords to play your favorite songs (He'll teach you that as well) but learning the fret board and how to read music. Having played saxophone for years, I was trying to fly through the simple exercises but he encouraged me to slow down and really learn how to play. On top of that he is a great guy who is just fun to have a conversation with! 11/12/2015 Jock had been a great teacher and a mentor. I started a a guitar student progressed through his band workshops to the point where I'm recording an album with him. He's a great producer a well. Highly recommended!! 11/12/2015 Jock is a fantastic supportive teacher with a super personality. I started guitar relatively late in life, but working with Jock I learned quickly. Once you become fairly competent on your instrument, he offers a chance to play with other students in workshops that are not only fun, but really improve your performance. Thanks to Jock, I have had my own band now for several years that plays out regularly. No matter what your skill level is, you will get a lot out of working with this great musician. 11/12/2015 Jock is not only an amazing guitarist (and drummer, bass player and singer) but also a terrific teacher and human being. He inspired a love of music in both of my sons and it has been life changing for them. I cannot recommend him more highly. 11/12/2015 In the beginning of 2008, I had my heart set in learning how to play the guitar like the rockstars I always dreamed of. Having already known about Jock through my friends who took lessons from him, I signed up right away. Jock had the patience to deal with my 10 year old self and stuck with me while I struggled to read music and study chords, which just goes to show how great of a teacher he is. Not only did I learn how to read music and play chords proficiently, I progressed past learning how to just play rock and Jock taught me how to play the classical guitar. Through his numerous events that he held and organized, such as the two gigs he set up for me and my band at Hotel Utah in San Francisco, I became very confident in my guitar skills and I also made a life long friend that has continued to support me in both my academic and guitar careers. After 8 years with Jock, I can confidently say that he is the best teacher you will find. He is not only a great guitar instructor, but also a fantastic mentor who helped me throughout my whole life. I highly recommend his services. • 11/12/2015 Jock is an excellent teacher. Fifteen years ago my son took lessons from him. Not only did he learn guitar and music theory, he developed a love for the guitar and music that still continues. In my late 50s I decided to try guitar myself. A couple of months into my lessons I am having a great time. I highly recommend Jock for students from the young to the young at heart. Great guy and great teacher! 11/9/2015 After seeing how much my son enjoyed learning guitar from Jock, I decided to try it myself. Four years later, I never dreamed how much I could learn and accomplish with once a week lessons and practice. Jock is a great teacher and has become a good friend. o 11/14/2015 Jock is THE BEST guitar teacher!!! He is patient, thorough very encouraging! Did I mention patient? :) 11/13/2015 Jock helped our band sound way better than we all expected. He has all the tools to make a musician out of anyone. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to pick up guitar bass or drums I woke up one day in my 40s and decided I finally wanted to learn to play the guitar. Never touched the instrument before. Jock was the perfect teacher. Patient. Fun. Enthusiastic. Got me pumped to play. Highly recommend.

And last though certainly not least, here is a "Dear Jock" email I got from one of my students a while ago. He is a remarkable young player and while I am very flattered by his note, I am OH So impressed with how he has "matured" as a person!

"Dear Jock, As I approach graduation, I have been reflecting on my experience growing up (not that it's over yet by any means), and wanted to thank you for making such a lasting impact on my life. As a young musician, you took me under your wing and mentored me, pushing me not only to achieve great things on the guitar, but also to sing and write music. I was so inspired by your charisma and passion about music. I admired how committed you were to pushing me out of my comfort zone and you gave me everything I needed to develop as a musician and songwriter. Not only that, but you gave me the courage to put myself out there, and made me believe in myself. It was when I began taking lessons with you that music took on a whole new meaning for me. From the chats in the soda room (aka laundry room) to the hard work we put in during the workshop, music was not just about playing and singing, but it was about the family that we had created through our workshop. You were so inspiring, and I looked up to you as a role model. Today, I am truly sorry that our relationship ended the way it did. No guitar teacher has been able to capture my imagination as you so effortlessly did, and I will always be grateful for how you inspired me. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how influential you have been, and how important you will always be to me. You were not just my guitar teacher. You were my mentor and my friend. I wanted to know if you would be interested in getting together sometime before I leave for college. I've done a lot of growing up and would love to share some of that with you. I hope you are all well. Best, Y

So those are the reviews and ...This is why I love what I do.

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