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I can't give a strong enough recommendation for Jock. Beyond being an amazing guitarist, he is a truly gifted teacher who has been such a positive influence in encouraging my 12-year-old to follow his musical heart. Jock just has a way with kids - he knows how to balance what he needs to teach them with enough playing time to keep it fun, so they are motivated to keep learning and growing. Any guitar student would be lucky to have Jock as an instructor for the technical aspect alone, but his personal interest in his students sets his teaching apart, inspiring them to keep reaching for that next level.� March 4, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Lysa Hale
hired Jock as a Guitar teacher in 2005, and hired Jock more than once


Jock is an expert guitar teacher. He is an inspiration and a mentor to all of his students. My son Michael's guitar skills have blossomed under Mr. Rockenbach's priceless instruction in only three short years. Most importantly, Michael really looks forward to his weekly lessons and the monthly guitar workshops Jock conducts with other young students.� March 3, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Thomas Echaniz
hired Jock as a Guitar Teacher in 2005


Jock is everything you would want in a guitar teacher. He's knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, patient and easy-going. He's willing to teach at your speed, and able to tailor your lessons to your preferences. He encourages you to learn the right way and work hard at your craft, but allows you to do it at your pace, and all the while having fun, which is what it's all about. His knowledge of various styles and genres of playing enable you to go in many different directions with your playing if you choose to do so. I would highly recommend his services!� March 2, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Ken Smith
hired Jock as a Guitar Instructor in 1999, and hired Jock more than once


I cannot stress enough how much I recommend Jock as a teacher. He'll teach you classical guitar, acoustic, electric, blues, rock, song writing, jazz, grunge ... you name it. You can see from his bio that he's a very experienced professional guitar player, so first and foremost, he can play anything he's trying to teach you. Not all teachers can say that. Playing and teaching are not the same skill, and yet Jock excels at both. Plus, he's just a great guy. We often spend our session just talking, whether its about the history of a particular song, or a group, or musical theory, and I never feel the sessions were a waste of time. I can see how his personable nature makes him great with the kids (and I've seen how well he interacts with them), but I'm one of his adult students. Since we're close to the same age, we share similar musical tastes. After all, we grew up listening to the same music during the same decades. If you're lucky enough to hire him as your teacher, ask him about his "workshops." Once a month I get the pleasure of playing for 2 full hours with a drummer (Jock), a bass player and other guitar players. It's a student's dream to be able to play in a real life band setting, and Jock makes it happen. The workshops have taught me more about playing the guitar then anything else I've done; and I've been playing since 1970 (I'm afraid to admit). Seriously, if you're looking for guitar lessons, and you're in the Bay Area, consider your search now over.� March 6, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Gary Bresee
hired Jock as a Music Instructor in 2007


Jock is the best all around music teacher I have ever had the pleasure to work with. In addition to having great technical expertise and a natural teaching style, he is simple a pleasure to spend time with. I strongly recommend Jock to music lovers of all abilities and experience. Don't forget to ask for one of is special expressos!� March 9, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Chris Hemmeter
hired Jock as a Guitarist in 2003 , and hired Jock more than once


Jock is an extremely versatile musician with an incredible sound and a elegant and relaxed attitude. He is a pleasure to work with! This part of the world has also had the pleasure of his strong teaching skills based on many years of experience. Rumour has it that his barbecuing is great too!� March 8, 2009

Kaspar Lindhardt , musician , free lance
worked directly with Jock at Rockenbach Music Studio




Jock Rockenbach

I have recommended Jock to people who need an excellent Music Teacher and I have recommended Jock to people who need a Music Director. In each case for the same reason... Jock is an excellent musician and communicator. So you know that when you work with him he listens to you first and then begins to help. And his help is of the highest quality. Everybody I've recommended Jock to has told me how delighted they were with working with him, and how satisfactory was the result. My advice to you-- hire and work with Jock!� March 3, 2009

Dennis Erokan, Executive Producer/Founder, Bay Area Music Awards/ The Bammies
worked directly with Jock at Bay Area Musice Awards/ The Bammies


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